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Electro-Acoustic Works

Fractured, Shattered, Filigreed (2023) 12'

For live solo cello, fixed audio, and live electronics (Max MSP)

Time Tinker (2023) 6'

For percussion quartet and looper pedal. Commissioned by Sō Percussion Summer Institute

Strangest Funniest Feeling (2022) 5'

For vocals, field recordings, and electronics

Tipping Point (2021) 7'

For marimba, double bass, and fixed media. Commissioned by Sound Scotland in Support of the 2021 Climate Conference (please contact me for tracks)

Sonata for a Felled Tree (2021) 8'

For solo violin, fixed media, and live electronics (please contact me for Max patch and tracks)

The Butterfly Effect (2020) 

For solo alto flute and live electronics (please contact me for Max patch)
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